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Behind the 

Jillian Beans Tomkovich

Author, Genius Artist

Jillian is a genius behind the Colored Pencils! A genius at drawing the 'Cheezy People' in my head!

If it weren't for Jillian, this entire project would still be sitting in a box that looks quite a bit like my brain.

This extraordinary lady draws above and beyond what are my ideas of new Cartoon Cheese Characters!

The descriptive words in our Stories expand in everything we set out to do.

She has that special ability to see past the meaning of a True Artist. A True Entertainer.

I will forever admire 'God Gifted Talented People', and will always be grateful for the opportunity

to work with Beans. As I say regularly, "Bnz is the other half of my Wzy"!

Meet the Cheezy Partners


'Cheezy People'!

Step Into A World Of Cheese by Wzy & Bnz

Alan G. Martin

Author, Creative Artist

Working diligently on this project from the sidelines, we must give credit to my husband, 'Lurch', whom Jillian has so Graciously "Imortalized" as 'Tommy the Trucker'.

Lurch has stood beside us through thick and thin.

Cynthia M. Wiese-Martin

Author, Creative Artist

I am Weezy. Cheezy Weezy, a Cheddar Cheese Curd.

They call me a creative artist. Actually, I'm only pretty good at creating 'Cheezy People' in my head.

On paper, I can draw fairly acceptable Circles with a Compass, and Straight Lines with a Ruler!

Since this entire project started in 2001, my specialty is working behind the scenes, including never ending research, and the creation of more ideas as we 'Step into a Story of Cheese' through the

Eyes of Our 'Cheezy People'. We continue to expand the Most Remarkable Line of Cartoon Cheese Characters the World has ever seen as we discover 'There's a Story Behind Every Cheese'!